Saturday, 2 July 2016

Dear Reader!

I have been busy with taking care of family matters, myself and with the final bits and pieces of getting my two autobiographies translated and printed. 

The last 18 months have been a time of sparse public activity and which, in time, evolved into non-blogging and all the more days became filled with contemplation and completion of things that had been left unattended.

I am happy to be back! Been thinking about this site a lot. 

More rooted in retaking the here and now and more sensitive to the inner voice which keeps telling me that all is well.

My tread will continue to be cautious - the life of being burned out is finally getting to be more accepted than not (I crashed in 2009...). During a solo-vacation this spring I came to a decision to live life as a retired person ought to and this has worked out well since I got back home. 

So, Dear Reader! I will soon be back blogging away. I will focus on writing in English for a while now. To get the hang of unedited writing.

All the best! 


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